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"... as I got older I started to really appreciate my dark skin. I started to really love who I am, and understand that my skin makes up this huge part of my identity. It's made me stronger."

I wanted to do this collaboration with Moonbeam Body Therapy because I love skincare. I love the thought of black people, specifically black men, really taking care of themselves... shining, and having a routine to flawless skin.

Growing up I hated my skin tone. I wanted to be "light-skin." I was teased so much for being darker and now that I love the skin I'm in, it's important that I take care of it.

Through Ser Skn my hope is to educate men of color on the importance of self-care.

With conversation I'm aiming to bridge the gaps that separate black men, no matter where you come from or what communities you represent. 

Servanté Cook

Co- Founder, Ser Skn

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